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Clarins 4 colour pen

Clarins 4 colour pen

Who remembers pens that you could push down to choose a different colour? They were the reserve of the cool kids and they were the pen no-one would give out if someone gave them a pen. Clarins has taken this concept and replaced the ink with eyeliner pencils and lip liner pencils.

Originally designed for saving spaces in pencil cases, it’s a great idea to apply this concept to makeup, giving us more space in our makeup bags and with four colours, gives us options that might be outside our normal routine.

The pencils are available in two colour palettes – Harmony 1 and Harmony 2.


The Harmony 1 pencil includes black, forest green and navy eyeliner and a pink/brown lip liner. The Harmony 2 pencil offers black, gunmetal grey and chocolate brown eyeliner and a flame red lip liner.


I was sceptical about how a couple of things. Firstly, the mechanism of the pen brought back memories of seeing my classmates struggling to get the colour they wanted or complete failure of the mechanism and the pen being thrown in the bin, probably with most of the ink intact. The second was a concern about the quality of the eye and lip liner itself. I have had my fingers burnt with gimmicky products before.


Thankfully my concerns were unwarranted because the mechanism is smooth and high quality in operation. The ends of the pencils have a plastic tip on the end, so you have to wind the colour out to get to it. If you try to apply colour before doing this you’ll probably end up in A&E, so be careful!


I found the product itself to be well pigmented, and quite waxy and easily blendable. It seems to be quite long lasting but perhaps isn’t as creamy as other products.


The colours offer pretty much something for everyone, conservative enough for work but bold enough to go out. I would imagine if the product is a success that we’ll see various new colour options in the future, a bold set, a neon set etc.


I can see these becoming a standard fixture in handbags due to their versatility and handy format. At £28 they are very reasonable for three eyeliners and a lip liner.

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